I'm trying to import fonts into Fontinator. When I go to the folder they're in, they are grayed out.

Hi. I’m using an iPad Pro with OS 14.8. When I try to add fonts with Fontinator, I can open the file that has all my font files, but the individual files are all grayed out. They are either ttf or otf files. Can you please help me get them to be selectable so I can get them into my Vectonator library?

Thank you!

Have you tried drag and drop? I’ve never experienced the grayed-out issue, but I know drag and drop also works for transferring fonts (or using the share sheet).

If that still doesn’t work, are you able to post a sample font here?

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Hi. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I’m not sure what was happening, but I had put the files I was trying to install into my Google drive. When I couldn’t get them to do anything, I moved them to my iCloud drive and they installed perfectly. (???) Thanks again for your help!