How to export/import library (templates)

I use Vectornator on multiple machines. On one machine I saved many Templates (patterns that I will reuse). I’d like to sync and backup these Templates across my machines. Is there a solution? Also, where are the templates stored on Mac?

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Could anyone shed some light? Thanks!

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Hi @jerryhu! With the 5.0.0 release, we have added a menu item under File to head straight onto our templates hub.

If you are asking for the templates you’ve created, you can access them via the + icon in the app.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Medet,
Thank you so much for your reply!
Yes I was asking for the templates that I have created. I know how to access them on my computer (click + to save them to the Template library). But my question is, how to export those templates, and transfer them to Vectornator on another computer?


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What I do is this: On the Mac I create a new Vectornator document. Then I add all my personal templates into this Vectornator document. As I use iCloud this document are then available on two other Macs using the same Apple Id. So the templates are now available on the other two Macs via this document. And I can then add the templates locally on the two Macs. - By keeping my templates in Vectornator documents I am also able to group such templates in an organinzed fashion. - It works for me as the 2nd best solution.


Hi @jerryhu! Echoing @TorbenIbsen 's comment, you will be able to sync all your documents across all devices with the arrival of Linearity Cloud in the very near future. For now, the solution could be to transfer and sync via iCloud indeed.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you both!

On my Mac I painstakingly renamed all the templates — the names will be lost using the suggested method.

I believe Curve stores them somewhere on Mac. Would you mind reveal the location?

I think in the future it would be nice to save the templates in a iCloud folder as well.

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Does the coming LinCloud mean that there will be no iCloud synchronization. Only linCloud synchronization? - If yes, that will cause me some problems. Because Linearity/Vectornator is not used in an isolated environment. I use them in combination with other graphic apps (vector and raster) and Apple Photos to create “Artificial Reality” results. Like "How will this look when placed here in our house? Or "How will this look if we (build and) place this in our garden? - Stuff like that.

I don’t want to use more than iCloud for anything. And all apps I have which synchronizes does so by using iCloud. So no extra clouds for me.

When Vectornator without warning changed name and url-name I had to go into Apple Keychain to look up my autogenerated strong password and copy it and create a new bookmark for Linearity’s new web acress. Let’s hope that all Apple Keychain users could figure that out.

I wonder what will happen on the Internet, including YouTube. From now on we will have to search both “Vectornator” and “linearity” or is it perhaps “linearity curve” (or all three) we will have to use in our searches?

I really hope that there is some benefit from the name change somewhere. But it is not anywhere near me.

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Hi Medet, would it be possible to store the saved templates under ‘On My Mac’?
The path is ‘/Users//Library/Containers/’
This folder already exists, with a ‘tmp_import’ subfolder, which contains some of my saved templated, but outdated and incomplete. I’m guessing Vectornator previously stored the saved templates in this location, but later changed the architecture.

The goal is to have a portable location for users to access, modify, copy, and add their templates across multiple machines.

Hi @jerryhu yes, they are stored locally as of now under this path:

> user > Library > Group containers group.linearity-apps > UserAssets > Files

During the transition, the MacOS automatically overrides and changes the folders so it’s unfortunately not down to us to control how it behaves.

Hope this helps!

Great! Thank you!