Cloud Sync on macOS

Good morning (o;

Are there any plans to implement iCloud sync in the near future?

Especially for adding own graphic elements in the library would be great to have them automatically synced between all macOS installations…

There is a Vectornator folder inside iCloud folder, but I assume that one was generated from the iOS version, though I never see something stored there…

thanks in advance

Hi @davorin I think what you mean has already been implemented in Vectornator in 4.7 version.

“But that’s not all! You can also save and sync your custom Brush Profiles and custom document templates.” from Vectornator 4.7 - Blog.

Odd…app store didn’t show an update for it…

Only under “recently updated” shows that Vectornator can be updated…really weird (o;

Yeah…the scrolling issue is fixed :slight_smile:

What version are you using?

Just now updated to 4.7.0 on both Mac Mini M1s…

Had to open App Store app where it showed that Vectornator was updated 8 days ago to 4.6.4…
only when clicking on the app icon to see the details, the “update” button was visible…

But still only see my custom graphic symbols in the library tab only on the originating machine…

Ah okay: “But that’s not all! You can also save and sync your custom Brush Profiles and custom document templates”

Means no syncing of custom graphic items in library tab (yet ;o)…

Nice. Let’s try to solve the problem together. Is iCloud sync enabled on both devices?
P.s. When you say “my custom graphic symbols in the library” you refer to templates?

Yes it is…but the blog entry says nothing about syncing custom graphics in library…

When you add a custom graphic to your library…do you see it on both installations?

Ok maybe it is a little bug.
Hi @Oksana, please can you help us? Thank you in advanced.


This is odd…app store still shows that it was last updated on March 30th to version 4.6.4…although I updated it today:

Hey guys, we haven’t yet implemented custom templates syncing.
In 4.7.0 we added synching of Color Palettes, Custom Brushes, and custom Document Templates.

Ok I am so sorry for confusing. Sorry @davorin. Thank you @Oksana.


No worries :wink:

And “yet” means it is coming (o;

Anyway… still a great software and my girlfriend found it very easy to switch from the slow and crashing Gravit Designer to Vectornator :slight_smile:

Is Vectornator accepting donations?
Even if it will have a price tag on the Apple store I would buy it if it is not a subscription (o;


Don’t worry :wink: I completely understand you, it’s very easy to get confused when the names are so similar, custom templates and custom document templates.


You forgot to mention that the scrolling bug is fixed as well :wink: