How to add new font on linearity curve?

I was wondering where I can add new fonts to linearity curve (vectornator)?

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You can find out all the details about texts and working with your own fonts here. You can simply add them into your Font Book and Linearity Curve will access the library.

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Hi @Medet,

Thanks for your response! I’m sorry in advance, I didn’t quite specific. I’m using iPad air and I’m beginner using linearity curve. I have already try to add new fonts, sadly it doesn’t work. So, I was wondering how can I add new fonts to linearity curve on iPad?

Looking forward for your response!

Hi @kaka_rome thanks for the quick follow up! For iPadOS, things get a bit more complicated due to Apple.

You need to have a separate fonts installer app on your iPad to be able to install custom fonts. It works as if you’re installing a font profile that will go under General > Fonts. Only then, Linearity Curve will be able to pull your custom fonts. So in a way, you first add the font(s) to your iPad, then it syncs with Curve.

@kaka_rome I use the Fontinator app to install all my fonts. This is available In the Apple Store.

Thanks @Medet for your quick response! I really appreciate that!

So what is the name of the software that I should download separately?

Hey @Dom

Thank you for your response!

I have already try it on fontinator. After I add new fonts on the fontinator, I’ve install the font and I’ve following the step by step like fontinator provides. And still I can’t see the new fonts on linearity curve (vectornator). I think it’s doesn’t work. Check the attachments!

For your information My iPadOS is 16.6

Any feedback you can give me on this would be highly appreciated!

@kaka_rome I think you can try a different app and see if that does the job. You can check this article and see if that’d help.