Fonts installed through Fontinator unavailable on iOS 17 beta

I’m noticing my custom fonts installed through the Fontinator profile are no longer on my iPad on the iOS 17 developer Beta 3. Any clue if this is still supported?

It doesn’t seem to be a system problem? In the system software, such as number keynote or pages, the installed font can be used normally. Only vectornator cannot be used, but the font and font name can be displayed normally in the design file that already existed before the system update. If you Click on the font selection menu and you will find that you can’t find the font you are currently using. It’s strange.

Same here. The fonts work on Procreate and other apps, but not in Vectornator.

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Hi folks,

We are unfortunately unable to investigate the matter at this time as we currently don’t support Vectornator on Beta versions of iOS.

We don’t recommend using Beta versions for any productive work since they are not representations of the final product and possibly contain bugs which could impact performance and usability.

If you still wish to proceed with the iOS Beta then we strongly advise you to backup your Vectornator files and be aware that files may become potentially unusable after downgrading due to OS changes beyond our control.

The team will, of course, address such matters while optimizing Vectornator for iOS in the future.