Help removing unwanted part of shape!! I don’t know how to get rid of the two pointy things at the edges of my icon. Thanks!

I can see two ways of doing that:

  1. Manual editing: Change over to node editing mode (the Direct Selection tool). Tap on that shape, select and drag in the node points on the pointy ends. Add other points (tap on the edge) if needed to modify the shape.

  2. Masking: I’m assuming the main speech bubble shape is one shape (if not, use the Boolean Unite [add] operation to combine the bubble and tail). Move the speech bubble to the top (above the three dots and the shading shape) (don’t worry yet if that looks weird). Then select everything (the speech bubble, the three dots, the highlight shape). Change to the Inspector, Path tab. Click the Mask option.

Note: answer based on iOS/iPadOS version, modify as needed for Mac version.

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Thank you so much!! And thanks for the mask tutorial as well, I’ve been confused by that feature for a while :grin: