Gradient that follows curve, hide line

Hello! The one thing I would love to have is an option to apply effects to a line/curve. The shadow option for a line is close. But the effect is too limited. This is an example of what I am asking for in a drawing in Sketchbook Designer. These effects are accomplished by applying gradients to a curve so the gradient can follow the shape of the curve. And the line it is applied to is hidden or is the line itself. It was along time ago so I don’t remember exactly. I can’t find a way to do this in Vectornator. Thanks!

Shading Curves: Vector‐Based Drawing With Explicit Gradient Control - Lieng - 2015 - Computer Graphics Forum - Wiley Online Library I was looking for a way to do this now and discovered that Corel Draw can do something similar with a Gradient Mesh. But I came across this paper on the subject an thought I would pass it on here just because it was interesting. Adobe uses a rasterization and not a true vector. So any image in Adobe is a mix of Vector and raster as I understand it. The hope is to get something scalable but sine Adobe doesn’t even offer this. I guess the point is mute. In the end it needs to be in a format the company producing my products supports. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is an awesome idea. I was digging all around the gradient tool to find this only to realize it wasn’t possible. I’m trying to create a realistic 3d object, and without the curved gradient it looks off.

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I have tried a lot of drawing apps and I am still trying to find one that can do it. I purchased Affinity Designer this week and you can use a bezel to approximate the effect. But I can’t seem to find a way to control the colors. And AD is just not very user friendly compared to Vectornator. I have tried and tried and I just cannot replicate the effect in my example from Sketchbook Designer. Vectornator’s shadow is close. I’m no programmer, but that seems like something they could build this on. It give so much depth to an illustration. Thanks for the reply.

@OkinawaMeow Oh, and welcome to the Vectornator forums/community OkinawaMeow.