how to convert lines to shape

Hey all,
i got to use vectornator over the last 3 months and am very excited as i worked previously with Illustrator.

But i’m missing - or may i’m not able to find the following tool:
how can i convert lines into shapes?

reason: i want to have final graphics that i can easily scale when finished… regularly i convert all lines and text into shapes.

  • converting lines / unclosed pathes

Hi @sn00py and welcome to Vectornator Forum, I attached you a short video guide for your issue.

I wish you a nice day.


Cool I didn’t know it

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TY Lorenzo. I wanted to know this as well!

Hi Lorenzo,

Are these functions excluded from the free version of Curve? I can not change even a simple line to a shape, very confused.

the button you’re looking for is the “outline” button at the bottom of your menu under the “path” section! this will convert a line to a shape

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