Blob Brush & Smooth Pen Tool

The Blob Brush & Smooth Pen tools are unrivalled in their efficiency when building clean organic shapes.

These two tools are essential to my workflow - I’m sure that other illustrators would agree.

Adding them in a future update of Vectornator would enable users to create in a more natural and intuitive way than the tedious method of intersecting and merging shapes.

Their absence from Vectornator is forcing me to use Adobe Illustrator :frowning:

Yes, I agree. I need the blob tool like yesterday! Sick of having to finish things off in another program.

yes, PLEASE add these tools to curve. I’m a digital artist looking to do inking in a vector program so I can more easily resize without losing image quality. an option like the blob brush tool that emulates the brush tools in raster programs is absolutely paramount to my workflow. the options available in curve right now are way too slow to use for this.

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. These are now with the team and while we are a bit limited on resources, we do hope to be able to focus on these in the near future.

Thank you for your patience!


Yes please make this happen. Smooth pen tool would be amazing!

I’m also adding support for this feature, would be good to smooth out any freehand sketches etc.