Glassmorphism effect

Glassmorphism effect can help me to make my designs more professional. Glassmorphism effect can make the design modern.

Hi @n4bi and welcome to Vectornator Forum.
At moment there isn’t a default way to do this but you can use a little trick. Take a look at Frosted Glass Effect and vote it.

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Thank you,
I know how to do it like this but it’s so hard. It gonna be much easier if there is a tool.
So please vote. :upside_down_face:
And thank you again.

Not sure if this works using Vectornator, but generally, I’d do the following:

  • Duplicate the shapes
  • Make the “Glass” a mask for the duplicates
  • Blur the mask

I tried this, it does work like that:

  • Group objects
  • Duplicate group
  • Blur group
  • Use the “glass” shape as mask for the group
    (- Possibly change the color of the mask to fit the background color)

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