Masking Problem

I need help with the new version of vectornator. I am trying to use the new mask tool.
With the new version, now I need to put the objects that I want to embed on top instead of behind. But, the objects that I want to embed have thinner outlines than the main object so when I mask them they look weird because they don’t look as a part of the main object but instead they look on top of the main object. How can I fix it?

Thank you very much

Hi @Melodi ad welcome to Vectornator Forum, please can you share with us a short video or a screenshot?

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Hi! Thank you. Here are two examples. All my previous projects are now updated and alll are looking like these :((

Thank you. It 's strange. Can you share the Vectornator file please?

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Adsız 3.vectornator (140.5 KB)

These are just a few examples. All my files and images are like that now (after updating the programme) And I am using mask tool very often. For a temporary solution, I copied and pasted the main image and uncheck the colour fill but I can not do it for every single image :frowning:

I am pretty sure it is a bug. I changed the category of your post in Bug Reporting.
P.s. Really cool the illustration.

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Thank you for your helpful report. The team will look into this.

Thank you very much <3

Thank you! I love your Programme But I feel really axious everytime I get an Update :see_no_evil:

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