Better Management of images (BROKEN EFFECT)

At the moment if I want to reproduce a broken effect I have to do a mask for each broken components. This means that each components (blue shape) is a mask of an image. If I need to broke an image in 100 pieces I have to do 100 mask of the image. I it is not productive but above all it is not efficient because Vectornator keeps a copy of the image for each components (blue shape). So if the image is 1Mb and I have 100 pieces of its the final file (file.vectornator) is more than 100Mb.
I think the Vectornator Team should find an alternative solution. Could be cool for users to use boolean operations if it is possible.

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Can’t you just combine the shapes together and mask one image?


@llui85 thank you so much I love you. Yes I can do this. It works.