Make photo on Outline mode not transparent

Please make photo in outline mode not transparent,it’s will be easy to trace the photo, just that, please accept my request :slight_smile:

Hi @mrizkyfirmansyah and welcome to Vectornator Forum. Please can you explain better your request? Thank you in advanced.


Okay, thanks for your quick respons, im happy :slight_smile:
So , when i activate outline mode i want the photo not to be transparent,(look the photo i send), but i want the photo looks clearly visible just that.

And whether when some objects are masked, can it be edited in part without unmask first?

Overall this application its so easy to learn for a begginer,i love it :slight_smile:


Best regards


Thank you for your explanations. If your request will be taken in consideration from Vectornator Team maybe one day you will be able to see it in the app.
Anyway you can edit the mask without unmask.