Feature Request Pen/node tool

Add the ability to push a line segment without adding a new node. Especially useful when quickly creating a shape with straight segments then going back and modifyIng them by just pushing on the segment which in turn adds handles to the incoming and outgoing nodes.

A short video to show what I mean by my request. It shows a simple path produced by straight segments and then adding the curve by pushing or pulling the segment. The result is a curved shape with minimal nodes which can easily be finessed using the normal node/ handle manipulation.

Hi @Speacock110, I am sorry but the video doesn’t work.

Interesting I can view it with no issues on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge logged in or not. Also on Windows 11 Edge, I Cannot test it on Ubuntu Firefox as I don’t have a mime type yet installed for MP4.

Hi @Speacock110, I’m sorry now I can watch the short video. Maybe there was a bug on my Safari :joy:
anyway, why do you like this feature? Are you familiar with the Béziers Curves? You can do it whit this tool without adding nodes. At the beginning *Béziers Curves are difficult to understand them but once you understand how they works you can see how are accurate.
Take a look at this video about pen tool.
I wish you a nice weekend.

Yes i am familiar with bezier curves and using the pen tool I have used them for many years in photoshop, illustrator, Affinity, etc. I first started using this technique to quickly draft out the shape with key nodes and straight lines after I had installed the Astute Graphics Inscribe plugin that as it says it takes the pen tool to the next level. Just being able to quickly push out the segment between notes and create the initial handle lengths and angles speeded up the trace task. Then it becomes so much easier to use the node editing to tweak everything into place, adding new nodes if required.

I am not a graphic designer so most of my work involves tracing, be it a map or a logo.

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Also known as dragging a line segment, and +1 vote, I like to use this too.