Feature Request: Ability to add Hyperlinks to Text.

There’s a similar post like this on the form, but I wanted to make it more clear what this feature is used for and why designers like me want it.

The ability to add hyperlinks is crucial when making certain documents. It is especially popular to make digital planners and notebooks this way. Having this feature on Vectornator will bring the app more publicity on Youtube and subsequently, more devoted users. Hyperlinks gives you the ability to make a interactive documents like switching pages by selecting different tabs and also links text to external sources on the internet like videos, articles, etc.

Making a selling digital planners, notebooks, and other documents requiring hyperlinks has become very mainstream since the IPad is so much more common place in the home. And there are many Youtubers creating tutorials for apps like Keynote, Google Slides, Affinity Designer, ect. All these apps (in my opinion are either clunky and confusing with steep learning curves or so basic and watered down that designing isn’t as fun and inuitive as it could be.

I feel that this is an essential feature and I would love to see it added in the near future. For now, I’ll have to continue using Affinity Designer (I personally do not find the Ipad version intuitive at all) or I’ll have to export my Vectornator designs to Google slides or something. :upside_down_face::grimacing:

Add your upvotes if you are interested!

Second this. As a creator of outreach + engagement materials to be included in digital magazines and the likes, some of which is for older users, I am struggling to include links ;( Still have not found a way around it.