Hi, Sometimes I make an animated stickers from vector application then animate it in other application with output GIF file type. I found vectornator really useful to use, I have request to developer please add animation feature for short animation like GIF, APNG, etc format output. Considering that there are no other vector applications that embed animation features. Please consider it because I really love to use Vectornator. Thank you.

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I would love svg animation. But that is a tall order.

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Let’s start with the simplest first

Maybe a spin off of the app.

Also after you vote for this can you check out

The post on converting shapes

Converts a shape into a bendable spline. :smiling_face:

Shape to brush: a shape drawn centered along a spline

‘Motionator’(?) I’d certainly be interested in SOME timeline, keyframe animation capabilities on the iPad, but I’m wary of cramming them into Vectornator proper. I’d support the idea of a second app, or work mode maybe that changes the UI as necessary.


I’d like if we can have vector motion graphic videos too . :heart:

There are animation tools for raster data, like Spine2D and Dragon Bones. For vector I do not know… would be cool to see a working together with one of these both.
One thing that is cool about Spine2D is animating using meshes, which seems not so common for vector images…. Spine: In Depth … You can take the like as inspiration…

as much as I wish animation to be added but I don’t think this is going to happen anytime. Its an illustration app

Vectornator is very good app, but it doesn’t have any sort of animation feature. (Timelapse doesn’t count)

Even though they have tried to create blogs about animating the exports from vectornator, but that is not a solution. This is how apps dies off when to limit their application to a specific sector.

Vectornator with animation feature included will be an industry-killing. Because then we animators don’t have to use other apps and loose all the vector benefits.

The closest app I found for vector animation on ipad is toonsquid, its gives the ability to do keyframe based animation just like adobe after effects shape animation. And size of this app is around 38MB which tells that it shouldn’t be that difficult to integrate.

I wouldn’t mind if they come up with a crowdfunding plan for adding vector animation feature. But with $30million dollar funding they should tap into this feature to make this app a one stop for illustrator as well as vector animators.

I hope they listen