Educator or Student Accounts?

Hey support,

I’m a teacher at a middle school where we use Vectornator/Curve with several classes of our design and fabrication students and the new pricing plan is going to delete/upend our entire curriculum mid class/semester. I made the mistake of gambling on the free version remaining once paid tiers began, but only 3 files per student for the whole year is untenable even as a trial. I was hoping they would do free educational or beginner use to build market share, but this is pricing us out.

Is there anyone who can contact me to discuss educational uses of this app for those who have it integrated into our curriculum?

I won’t have time to retool all my videos and tutorials back to Adobe before next week if there’s no EDU version, so if any other teachers have suggestions, please advise.

Hey @PenAppTeacher , thanks so much for bringing Linearity Curve into your classroom – it means a lot to us! We truly understand your concern regarding the new pricing plan and its impact on your classes and students.

We’re planning on implementing an Edu plan. Let’s chat and figure out something that may work for you and your students. Send me an email at, and we’ll dive into the details. Looking forward to your email and working together to address this.

Apologies, but we are unable to afford the $49.99 per student per school year for student / educational licenses. For 120 students that’d be almost $6,000.

Hey @PenAppTeacher I agree, that’s quite a sum for 120 students! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

We’re all about supporting students and schools, so let’s chat more about how we can make things work better for your group. We’ll reach out to you directly to dive into the details and see what we can offer.