Double clicking "Learn" crashes the Mac app

I’m on the Sonoma DB, but this doesn’t happen in any other app. I forgot to put this in the video, but it also doesn’t happen on the other tabs.

Hey there @alxmhn and welcome to the Community Forum!

We are unfortunately unable to investigate the matter at this time as we currently don’t support Vectornator on Beta versions of iOS or macOS.

We don’t recommend using Beta versions for any productive work since they are not representations of the final product and possibly contain bugs which could impact performance and usability.

If you still want to proceed with the macOS Beta then we strongly advise you to backup your Vectornator files and be aware that files may become potentially unusable after downgrading due to OS changes beyond our control.


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For anyone else who runs into this, it appears to be a bug with NSCalendarDate. It’s a (depreciated) class in Foundation, an Apple-provided development framework. Due to that, I believe it’s an issue specific to the macOS Sonoma Developer Beta.

I’ve also attached the full log anyway, just in case somebody can read it better than me

Vectornator.ips (50.0 KB)