Documentation for the nine pencil settings in style tab?

I can’t find documentation for the 9 icons in the style tab for pencil settings(using Ipad). I originally could not figure why my pencil was transparent at full opacity and discovered one of these settings was causing the pencil to build up opacity. I found nothing in the the Apple books manual about this or anywhere online. Is there a guide somewhere?

Hi @zakcat

Do you mean these icons?


While they can change elements of the shape of your stroke, they should have absolutely no effect on opacity.

They apply to a number of contexts, not just the Pencil tool, and are documented under the stroke and fill settings:

Is it at all possible that you might have also changed one of these settings?


These definitely can have effects on opacity and layering.

Thanks for the helpful reply Butler. Here’s a screenshot of what’s happening. I’m using the three center column settings now which works but just to show you I’m not crazy this is the setting causing my transparency problem (selecting the right middle icon) even when opacity is at 100 percent at normal blend. (if dragging the png works that is!There is no preview apparently)

Oops I meant to say the LEFT middle icon!

Thanks for that screenshot and update.
Have not been able to reproduce the problem here.
Same settings, no loss of opacity.

Have you tried closing Vectornator completely? Swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPad, hold in the middle of the screen, you should get a screen full of small app representations, then flick the small representation off the top of the screen.

If that does not work, maybe try a hard restart?

Thanks for the tips. Actually before I even posted my question I deleted Vectornator from my ipad and downloaded a clean copy and still had the opacity problem. But I’m not going to invest anymore time on this as I said I found using the middle column option works fine for me. Thanks for all the help!