Comparison to cutter software

My viewpoint is largely for users of electronic cutters. The gold standard for design software for this is Sure Cuts A Lot - but it does not have an iPad version. It is, pretty much the ONLY independent software specifically for cutters and has built in cutter control for those brands that allow it. Might I suggest that you look at the features it has in the ‘effects’ menu and see which ones of those you could introduce? One feature I use a lot is ‘object on path’, similar to text on path, it puts repeated objects along an open or closed path, with adjustable spacing.
BTW, I may be sleep deprived this morning but there does not seem to be a dedicated ‘undo/redo’ button on the desktop version. In SCAL, I can go back many steps if I need to, a valuable tool.
Keep up the good work,
(Createinspain on Youtube)