Asset library syncing


I created an asset library in a document on my desktop, however, when I open that same document on my ipad, the asset library is empty. Is there a way to sync available assets across projects/devices?

Hey @MadelineD , great question! This is how it works. To ensure your asset libraries sync across devices, please make sure iCloud syncing is enabled on both your desktop and iPad, and that you’re logged in with the same Apple ID on both devices. This should allow your asset libraries to sync seamlessly across your devices.


Yes, icloud syncing is enabled and is working cross devices - it has no problem immediately syncing new files. However, the asset library only contains the assets added from the specific device, rather than all of them.

To ensure your asset library syncs correctly across all devices, could you please double-check the iCloud settings? You can find this by tapping on the Profile icon on the home screen, then navigating to the iCloud tab. Look for a green cloud icon with a checkmark alongside the latest sync date. This indicates that everything is set up correctly for syncing. Is this enabled on all devices?

Hi @Nadya , Yes - I icloud is syncing on both devices (I only have one icloud account). I have also updated the apps on both devices to the most recent version.

To help us dive a bit deeper into the syncing issue with your assets, would it be possible for you to send us a screen recording from both devices? Specifically, we’d like to see the settings for the sync and also what’s happening in the assets sections on each device. These recordings could give us some valuable insights into what might be going wrong.