Loading files / no show


Again and again i have to reboot/refresh the system, because the files will not upload, and every files will say 0 items.

I then need to go out, close linearity a couple of times and maybe shut down the iPad altogether, before files get relocated. This takes time and are extremely frustrating, when I use several files at once or are getting other element from another file.

I have a good internet connection(but you guys promised that I don’t need it to work on my files…) , I’m not in motion and I have a newer model iPad.
Is this problem getting solved?


Hey @Therese , I’m genuinely sorry to hear about the challenges you’re facing with your files not uploading. It does sound quite frustrating.

We want to help you resolve this as efficiently as possible. Sharing a screen recording of the issue, is a great idea. It would indeed provide us with a clearer understanding of what’s happening . Could you capture and share a screen recording showing the issue as it occurs?

Could you also share your diagnostic files with us, please? You can locate these by navigating to Profile > About > Export Diagnostic Files within the application. Feel free to share the files here or send them directly to support@linearity.io.

I look forward to your response so we can help get this sorted out for you.

@Therese Thank you for sending the email! :pray:

I’ve received your details and we’ll continue our conversation through the support channel to address your concerns.