Can't Sync Edited File on Macbook with iCloud [SOLVED via Workaround]

So I have a template file that I update regularly. Today, I added two artboards and edited them a bit. It updated with no issues. I continued editing and now it seems seems stuck on the previous version.

Please help urgently, as I prefer to work on my ipad. I only used desktop to import SVGs that I couldn’t download from my ipad browser. Desktop is less intuitive and a bit buggy, so prefer working on iPad.

So have found a workaround! Yay! I selected File > Share > Mail and once I received the email, I downloaded the file to the Vectonator folder in my iCloud folder. It then synced to my iPad. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Whoop!

I could have also downloaded the file from email directly to my iPad, but I need the working document on my Macbook as this is where I updated it with additional SVG elements.

Hi @DaniellaD,

I’m so glad to hear the you found a workaround. I just checked the iCloud sync feature and everything is syncing fine between my devices.
I really hope this was one-time thing (possibly due to an internet outage) and that this problem won’t bother you again.

Warmest regards,