iCloud documents not showing up on MacBook version of Curve

Ok so I just got a MacBook after years of being iPad only.

However when I went to install one of my favorite vector apps I could not find a tab for all the documents I have stored in iCloud

from what I can tell in the settings everything is logged in correctly and the iCloud sync is turned on, yet all I see on the side is what I can see in the attached screenshots??? what do I do??? help please

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Hey @carolyn and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new MacBook, too! :wink:

You have two options to view your iCloud documents:

  1. File > Open > iCloud
  2. You can directly browse your documents through Finder and open them directly there.

Hope this helps!


oh thanks so much, now I just need to figure out why my files keep telling me they cannot convert when exporting :weary:

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