Please stop shoving a Curve folder in my Documents folder.

Adding a Curve folder to my iCloud Drive is absolutely fine, but please do not add another @!#&! Curve folder in my ~/Documents folder which when I delete it re-appears the next time I open the app. It’s not necessary, and adds nothing to my workflow. In fact, it always throws me when I look in my ~/Documents folder and see stuff I didn’t put there.

Easy fix: completely remove Linearity Curve from my Mac (and subsequently all of my devices).

Hi @bryanrieger thanks for the feedback and I can understand how you might be frustrated.

The folder you refer to is where our sample files exist and they serve as introductory purposes. However, the process of “re-appearing” is all down on the OS end. The system automatically re-surfaces those files to the convenience of the users which unfortunately we do not have any control on.

Could the sample files simply not live in the iCloud folder? Must you really create yet another folder just for them?

Good shout! However, it would then mean we occupy space on every user’s iCloud drive with the sample files, which you can assume has much more implications. Another side note that not every user has iCloud Drive turned on so it would then mean for especially newcomers, the introductory files may not appear at all.

While I completely understand how a folder re-appearing might get on your nerves, I hope this at least sheds some light on the situation for you.

Yeah, I get it but sadly that’s a deal breaker for me. It might seem like a little thing, but unfortunately having stuff (re)appear in my ~/Documents folder that I didn’t put there always makes me nervous.

Any chance you could make it a preference where upon disabling the sample files the folder is no longer (re)created. Ulysses does this with their app. Granted they’re not using files the way Curve does, but it’s the same idea.

Anyway thank you @Medet for your detailed responses.

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And that’s completely fine, @bryanrieger I understand.

All being said, I have already transferred the request back to the team and hopefully in the near future they can work on a new sample file flow where this can be marked as optional. :wink:


You might fix this by asking where to install the sample files when the app is loaded. Also read my comment about “save as” on the MAC version, and give the choice to users where the files should go.
Best wishes