Are there shortcuts to clear the Pallet?

Hello fellow Vectornators!
I am doing many small projects at the moment, and I am using the Pallet Frequently. I am wondering if there is a button for Vectornator on ios that clears all colours in the Pallet.

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Hey @Vecto,

Thanks for reaching us!
Unfortunately there’s no way to delete all the colors at once. You can only manually delete each color inside the palette by tapping and holding on a saved color and pressing Delete.

You can add this feature request in the Ideas & Feedback section if you would like to see it implemented in the future.
Stay in touch!


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Hi @Vecto I have made a feature request to have a palette library: Colour palette library


Thanks! I did one earlier too but it didn’t get much attention.


@Vecto Let’s hope it does now :blush: I really miss better functions for the colour palette.