color rendered incorrectly

Hi, I found that Vectornator incorrectly renders a line as red if its color is defined e.g. with

style="stroke: #2d1700ff;"

which should render as a dark maroon (at least, it does in Safari/Chrome)

Other than that, great program!

Hi Roberto!

Thank you for your report, we sent it forward to our product team and we will have a look into it.
We are very happy that you are enjoying our program!

The Vectornator Team

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Hey @hum8,

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this issue on my device. Maybe I’m doing smth wrong.
May I ask you to provide us with a video of the issue so that I can try to reproduce it with the exactly same steps? You can upload it to and share the link with us or send it to
Thanks for your help.

Warmest regards,

Hi @Oksana,

thanks for the quick reply. I’ve sent an SVG file to reproduce the bug at via wetransfer.



Hey @hum8,

We checked the svg file and it turned out to be empty, without red lines and layers.

Can we ask to send it to us once again?
Thanks :pray:


@hum8 sorry for bothering you again.

We were able to get to the core of the issue. So the problem is that we only support hex color consisting of 3 or 6 hex digits, but not 8.
Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention, we will be working on improving this feature.

Please stay tuned.



Hey @hum8,

I have some good news.
The color should now be displayed correctly, even when in the UI there’s only 6 hex digits displayed. Please check out the latest update and let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.