Annoying thing when exporting artboards

Hi, this is really annoying thing. After I export an artboard, the exporting page go down, and I need to open the exporting page again and again to export other pages, and this take a time and it’s really annoying. I prefer the old UX of exporting page.

Hi @n4bi, I agree, this is annoying. But it is programmed so when you export a document, it thinks that you have finished. So far there is not a fix, but you can suggest it in #ideas-feedback!

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Hi @n4bi,

Thanks for taking the time to bring this topic to our attention. I will share your feedback with our team.

In the meantime, I will move this post to the Ideas&Feedback category so more people can vote for it.


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Actually I was confused :eyes:, I knew it wasn’t a bug, but it was a problem for me :upside_down_face:.

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