Export multiple artboards

Hey, I have a suggestion here…
What do u think about adding a feature
that u can export multiple artboards together?

Now I can only export one artboard

See also:

You can include all artboards when exporting a pdf file.


Yeah, But this feature is not available for JPEG or PNG… and its hard to convert PDF to JPEG or PNG …


Personally, I need .png or .psd.

Hi @shushustorm I think will be more useful this feature meanwhile you could use some online tool to convert pdf to png. I advice you this tool.

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Hey @lorenzo
Thanks for the suggestion! But overall, unless there is an export option for multiple .png files within Vectornator, it’s easier to just export the files individually, I guess.


Cool but I’d like to see an official feature in the app

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Still no updates on this? This is really AWKWARD that I can’t export all artboards at once!

This actually just creates 1 pdf file with all artboards inside! This is wrong! Should be separate files!

You can now

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Oh, that will save all artboards as PNGs in a batch export?! That would be amazing.

Would love to be able to export all art boards as separate PNG files to photos or files if possible. Batch export would be amazing.

As a social media content creator that creates podcast social media tiles, having an offline alternative to Canva, that allows me to create beautiful social graphics on multiple artboards and then batch export would be amazing.

Often I use the same art but change the image of the guest for the particular episode. Sometime’s ill need to remove some saturation on their headshot or increase the contrast or bring up the shadows. When im forced to export each art board one by one it makes my output labor intensive at the final output stage.

Currently the missing key features for the type of user I am in Linearity are:

  • Basic image editing. We have the ability to remove background but not the ability to change brightness, saturation, contrast, shadows, highlights.
  • Creation of art boards doesnt seem as intuitive as Canva and I know you’re not canva, what im suggesting is you could capture considerable market share by offer these more basic features that most users would need such art a simply hit the plus sign to duplicate an artboard.
  • Being able to choose between horizontally or vertically placing those art boards would also be a huge quality of life improvement
  • Lastly, when all the work is done, it would be cool to be able to export the 7 or 30 similar boards that were created.

I understand these may not be use cases for all your primary user personas, if in the event you can gleam how these features may enhance the overall experience of Lineraity I would be grateful as one user.

When I look at tools that currently use the Artboard function in place like Affinity’s tools or Adobe’s tools its clear to me why so many users flock to Canva due to the ease of use option.

You may be able to create two distinct views for the app where one can have a more basic and accessible UI like Canva but also offer the pro tools if a user is advanced enough for them.

Where many other programs that tried to replace canva got it wrong is they tried to add publish directly to social media in exchange for being able to batch create artboards. Forcing a user to have one artboard per project so that it can be published as a single piece from their platform.

If not that they were worried that they would have to offer all the elements and templates but for the user in between a pro and a novice they’re resourceful enough to find a backdrop or icons, plus your integration to unsplash and icon finder solves this.

Really its the interface, its familiar for pro users who are used to using more pro tools but I can see novice users struggling to get the most out of Linearity for things It can certainly do.

You may not be targeting novice users and may only be focused on pro users. I do believe that there is still a use case for at least batch export of PNGs or JPGs for artboards in a project and light/basic image editing, even for pro users.

Thank you so much for the insightful feedback! Super helpful. I can happily confirm that batch export is something we are working on.

We are constantly looking to improve the experience and we are lucky to have valuable inputs like yours. Being the small company we are, things just take longer than the other industry biggies. Wanted to provide further context on our development processes.

Thanks again for the feedback!


Appreciate you so much! Can’t wait. Thank you for all you do as a team!

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