Export multiple artboards

Hey, I have a suggestion here…
What do u think about adding a feature
that u can export multiple artboards together?

Now I can only export one artboard

See also:

You can include all artboards when exporting a pdf file.

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Yeah, But this feature is not available for JPEG or PNG… and its hard to convert PDF to JPEG or PNG …

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Personally, I need .png or .psd.

Hi @shushustorm I think will be more useful this feature meanwhile you could use some online tool to convert pdf to png. I advice you this tool.

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Hey @lorenzo
Thanks for the suggestion! But overall, unless there is an export option for multiple .png files within Vectornator, it’s easier to just export the files individually, I guess.


Cool but I’d like to see an official feature in the app

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Still no updates on this? This is really AWKWARD that I can’t export all artboards at once!

This actually just creates 1 pdf file with all artboards inside! This is wrong! Should be separate files!

You can now