Exporting large files in PDF crashes the app

Hello, recently I’ve created a look book project of about 40 art boards (40 page book) and exporting as a PDF has crashed the app several times. It has only worked once. The file is 217 MB if it matters. This has been my greatest project using the app to date. I am not sure how to attach this file here as it may be too big to attach.

My work around has been to simply download them as jpegs and use another app to make these images into a book PDF.

Another issue I have noticed (might be a different bug) is that in two of my files, when I order the art boards a certain way, close It, and open it up, the way I ordered them is reset to an earlier time. I suspect that adding art boards is set permanently and my turn around solution is to do-y and page the content of the pages in a certain order rather than simply ordering the art boards how I want it.

To reproduce this simply create art boards, order them differently, close the app and reopen it to see if the new ordering of art words is saved.

iPad 12.9 (M2 chip)
iOS 16.5
Vectornator app version 4.13.6

Hi, thank you for your message, we are already investigating the issue.

Thanks, Ive send it. Is there a way to be able to send this file to you guys too for further inspection?

I can for example export each artboard one by one (my work around) but 40 artboards crashes all the time.

Yes, you can send us the file at support@vectornator.io
Please set subject to be the same as that forum topic, so we can find it later.

Thank you!

Also can you please confirm that the issue existed with the latest update? 4.13.7

I’ve sent the file. So far with the files with 20 or so artboards i am able to make them into PDFs. So it works.