Vectornator For Windows and Android

Hey Vectornator Staff and fellow designers like a lot of you I windows for Figma, gaming, and Photoshop user and am annoyed by having to switch to my Macbook Pro or iPad. Can the Vectornator make a windows 11 version? Can you also make an android version so that people can use their Surface Duo 2, Samsung Note, and Samsung Tabs for designing and drawings? I fink this will boost your popularity. And give me a break from switching devices.

Thank You,
Open Designs

Hi there @Open,

Iā€™m sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused by the need to switch between devices and appreciate your suggestion, however, it is not in our plans to release a Windows or Android version of Vectornator.

Sorry about that!


Okay, I just thought I might get to know the reason if I ask.

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