Unable to change the corner radius of a single node in any shape.

I was recently trying to change corner radius of a rectangle and it using the sliders changes the radius of all 4 nodes immediately but I was unable to change the border radius of a single node. It was working in some previous updates. This thing is missing in latest updates. Could you please add the same feature again or let me know if I am missing on something.


It’s very buggy, but you can still do this. What I am seeing is:

  1. When you attempt to modify the radius of a single node while it’s a Rectangle shape all four corners change
  2. If you move one corner slightly and then attempt to modify the radius, no corners change
  3. If you draw the rectangle with the Pen tool, you can modify all four corner radii independently as you’re looking to do

Hi folks,

The team are aware of this issue and currently working on a resolution that we hope to make available soon!

Once I have news on the topic I’ll update here in the thread right away. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.


Hi, just trying to use today 23 May 2023. Use a shape to draw a rectangle. Use the node tool to select two opposite corners of the rectangle. Cannot adjust the two selected node points only. There is no percentage shown, on pt. When I try to round the two corners rounds all courier points to make a circle. Sometimes after fiddling around with other stuff the percentage symbol. Will magically appear and it will work how it is supposed to. I do not know why this is.