Corner Radius Beginner 101

I am following the tutorial to the letter but when I change the corner radius to 100 I get a circle not a leaf.

I am trying and trying, occasionally I get a leaf shape but 90% of the time I get a circle and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. The corner radius slider shows PT not % - once I saw it change to % but I cannot figure out how to change it at all - so sad to be stuck right at the beginning of the tutorials!

hey I think I am having the same issue. The corner radius only work on the selected nodes if at least one of the selected nodes have been moved first (simply momentarely distort the shape before making it square again) , otherwise all the 4 corners get affected and turns into a circle.

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Thanks for the reply, it seems awfully glitchy, I have managed to change it to percentage on a few occasions now, but it really is driving me mad; if something this basic is so hard at the beginning it puts me off proceeding in investing in the time to go further!

Same here
Lets hope they offer a solution

Hey folks,

So sorry for the inconvenience that this bug has caused. The good news is that the team are aware of the issue and currently working on a solution!

As soon as we have any updates on the topic I’ll update here in the thread.


Thanks for replying, I hope you fix it too as it was so frustrating to begin the tutorials and find such a frustrating bug right at the beginning and not know whether I was doing something wrong!

thank you for the reply. I would like to express my frustration with the app. Today I ve just lost 2 hours of work as the undo action crashed and stopped working.