Transparent background not checkered?

With the new update, the transparent background is supposed to be with a checkered background. Am I doing something wrong? It still seems to be white and I don’t see any setting to change this.

I can also reproduce this issue.

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Thank you for reaching out. I understand the confusion regarding the checkered transparent artboard backgrounds after the 5.1.0 update.

The default behavior hasn’t changed; artboards in newly created documents still appear with have NO fill by default, and thus, the canvas appears as white. To achieve a checkered, transparent background, you’ll need to:

  1. Select the artboard.
  2. Turn the fill option ON.
  3. Reduce the alpha value of the chosen fill color.

Artboard with no fill = appears white
Artboard with fill + transparency = transparent

Once you’ve done this, the artboard background will switch from white to a checkered pattern, indicating it is transparent.

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Thank you Igor, I will give this a try.

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