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Un sure of how to change the default back ground colour - can anyone advise please ?

You can toggle the default white background for your document by going to Settings > Canvas > White Background. It is set to on by default. If you turn it off, your artboard will have a transparent background.9 Mar 2023

Hey there @Rob,

With our recent 4.13.3 update, we introduced the highly-requested Background Color feature. This means that all artboards will have a white background by default which can easily be adjusted to another color or removed entirely upon export to achieve transparency, however, it is not possible to enable transparency on an active Artboard.

You can learn all about how to use this new addition here in our Learning Hub.


Hello Helen, thank you for the reply. I followed the link and read through. To be honest I was expecting like Procreate click change background colour to my liking. Can this be done? As in click background layer change colour from a pallet ? Regards Rob ps the videos are not playing in the link you kindly provided

Here’s an example white background I wish to click layer change colour can this be achieved Helen ?

  • Pinch zoom out until you can see default artboard (canvas name) at the upper left just above the canvas.
  • Tap that name to select the canvas/artboard.
  • Turn Fill on under Style in the Inspector.
  • Select your desired background colour under Fill.

Source: Artboards | Vectornator Learn iPad

Thank you for the reply Butler, may I bother you for a screenshot of what I am looking for please?
This is what I can see.
Regards Rob

No worries, here you go. (Note: with the canvas/artboard rulers turned on, the name will be just outside the ruler until you tap on the name).

The default artboard name will usually be the template name (or “Custom Size” if you didn’t use a template).

Tap the colour and you’ll get dropped into the usual colour picker panel, so yes, you can use a palette.

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Thank you Butler,
That is very clear and easy to follow.
Made perfect sense.
Thank you for your time and efforts.

Regards Rob

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