The two lines meet.

When writing small letters, for example, when writing an open lowercase letter such as an English lowercase c or r, a line is attached, so c becomes o and r becomes a strange character.Please tell me how to solve this.

Do you have Fill turned off, and only Stroke turned on? (See the Inspector panel)

Yes I turned off Fill

Hey @user173244,

welcome to the Vectornator Forum and thanks for reporting your issue. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the problem on my side. To better understand the issue, please be so kind and share a screen recording video with us. Please try to attach a short video that includes both the issue and the steps you took before encountering it.

Check this page to find more information on how to take a screenshot or screen recording:

iPad: Take a screenshot or screen recording on iPad - Apple Support

Mac: How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

Thank you and best