The flip tool is missing i l

The flip tool is missing from the attributes palette. How can I add it?

Hi there @Zoltar7169,

You should be able to find the Vertical and Horizontal Flip options within your Arrange tab. Here is a screenshot of what to look for:

Let me know if this still does not work for you!


I assumed that was something else. Because the icons looked different. thank you.

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Hi Helen,

I seem to be missing the flip tool too. It isn’t sitting in the arrange section, do you know where I might find it?


Hi there @Ainjel,

It appears that you may have the Node Selection Tool or Pen Tool active which is why the Flip icons are not visible. Please switch to the Selection Tool β†’ click on the desired object β†’ use the flip options.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Helen :slight_smile: yes, its working now.

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