Bottom button disappears

Hey everyone!
Since updating to 4.10.3 (from 4.8.x, I think), the button that includes the selection’s settings sometimes sporadically goes missing, completely disappears until restarting the app.
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Hi there @shushustorm,

Could you confirm if you are referring to the Quick Actions bar as shown below:

If so, please double check that Show Quick Actions is enabled within your document.

If Quick Actions are enabled and the issue persists, please kindly provide your device details (model and OS) as well as a screen recording that captures the issue if possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hey Helen! I may not have described the issue precisely enough! I am talking about the circular button with the arrow up symbol (“^”) that’s located at the bottom of the screen. It gets transparent when moving an object close, but sometimes (not sure it’s during that operation) it disappears and doesn’t show again. I think sometimes reopening the file solves this, sometimes I need to restart.

Next time the button appears, would you mind taking a screenshot? Just to be sure that we’re talking about the same thing before I advise :slight_smile:

I took a screenshot of the button missing:

It seems to occur especially when working a little faster and the app doesn’t quite get along with the input.
EDIT: I took the screenshot after opening a file with the button missing immediately, but I think it occurred while having a file open as well.

Hi @shushustorm,

I would greatly appreciate if, next time the button is visible, you could please capture a screenshot and highlight the exact tool as unfortunately I am still unsure which button is being referred to.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Here you go