Actions Bar Hidden?

hello. is there a way to “unhide” the actions bar? i recently updated to the latest version on the ipad.

I have this issue too! It’s very annoying!

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Hey folks,

Unfortunately there is currently no way to unhide the actions bar but we appreciate you bringing this to our attention and will communicate your feedback to the team!


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i hope this gets considered. in my experience, having the actions bar visible makes the work faster and efficient. thanks for replying, helen. looking forward to the new updates.

I’m having this same issue

Hi everyone, we hear your feedback and are currently working on the Action Bar.

Please stay tuned for the next update!

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+1 from me, this change was a definite downgrade. Slows me down considerably :frowning:

Hi folks,

You asked and we listened!

Please check out the latest update 4.7.2 available for both macOS and iOS in order to be reacquainted with the original Action Bar that you know and love :wink:

Thank you all for your feedback and patience on this matter!


updating now. thank you!

So much better thanks!