How to show toolbar on the screen ?

Hi, I have an issue with my toolbar in the new update, it used to be shown on the right, but now I can find tools there :

If there is any way to re-show it, help me…
But If there isn’t I prefer to undo this feature because it makes using vectornator harder.

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Hey @n4bi,

Unfortunately there is currently no way to show the Action bar at this time.
We have made a note of it and would see how we can improve the Action bar for you.


Hey @n4bi

You asked and we listened!

Please check out the latest update 4.7.2 available for both macOS and iOS in order to be reacquainted with the original Action Bar that you know and love :wink:

Thank you all for your feedback and patience on this matter!


Feeling better

I came to the forum looking for answers to the same question. I was so relieved to be able to fix it with just an update. Thanks Vectornator team!

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Thank you😅