The Color and Stroke panels on the left side sometimes don't appear

After restarting, those two appear like intended:

but after a while (I think after opening/closing the panel inspector on the right) they won’t appear, until I restart the app again. You can see that I tap the color icon, but it doesnt appear.

Hey @meomeongungu,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. If this reoccurs could you please screen record the incident and forward it to us within this thread? I can then pass it onto our QA team to investigate.


here, I tried to tap the colors on the left but they don’t appear.

The bug doesn’t always present though, after some minutes of working it seems.

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@meomeongungu thank you very much for your help. We’ll get working on this and will update you as soon as we have news :blush:

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