Text on path not changing colors when selected


I found a bug today which I getting me very frustrated, that after placing text on a path it’s not letting me change the color of the text, neither through the new (and actually really awesome widget :smiley:) nor through the regular menu (as seen in the video attached.

I’m using a MacBook Pro mid 2014 15", MacOS 11.6.5 and vectornator 4.7.0.

Thank you very much for this amazing app!!! it’s literally a life saver!

Hey @Shazak,

Sorry for the issue you have to deal with. Please let me forward all the info to the QA department.
Will get back to you once I get any news.

In the meantime, I can suggest you a workaround. You can change the color of the text with the Selection tool enabled. Check out the attached video for details :arrow_down:

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Thank you very much for the work around! and for the fast response!
Really appreciate it.