SVG Scaled Down on Export

When exporting SVGs into other software, they are consistently scaled down by about 1.33x. I have tried importing into Illustrator, Inkscape, and other software and see the same 1.33 scale factor. This scale does not happen when exporting into other file formats. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it?

Hi @Chemteacher,

Thanks for taking the time to bring this topic to our attention. Please let me report this problem to our team.
We would appreciate it if you could provide us with a test project that I can pass on to the QA team and ask for help? You can attach it here or upload it to and share the link with us.
Thanks for your help🙏


Thanks! I uploaded both files to wetransfer. The first is the Vectornator file of a 6in square. The second is the exported svg. When opened in another program, the square is scaled down by about 1.31 times.

Hi @Chemteacher,
thanks for providing the file. If you de-select the “Responsive” option when exporting then the sizes will be preserved.

If this is still not working, please give us a shout!

Unfortunately unchecking that box does not work. The file is still scaled down by the same factor when opening an exported svg in other software.

Thanks for letting us know.
Have already notified the team that we need to look more into this problem.

I will get back to you as soon as I get any news.

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