Single line svgs for Cricut

I’ve spent literally all day trying to figure this out…can anyone please show me/tell me how to create single line svgs so they can be used to draw in cricut design space? I’m just so confused at this point. I am anxiously awaiting :slight_smile:

Hi there @Ymm424 and welcome to the Community Forum!

After inquiring among the team, we suspect that all required adjustments should be feasible within Cricut’s Design Space as ultimately this is the software creating the paths and controlling the machine’s printing.

I also found this tutorial on YouTube which may be helpful to you!

If you would like to request specific settings or options geared toward this use case, I highly recommend adding them here in your post so that other users who are more familiar with Cricut can lend a hand.


Everything I do in Vectornator ends up as a Cricut printout.

It sounds suspiciously like you’re trying to cut a single edge path (i.e., two nodes) when what you likely want is a thin rectangle that is filled (four nodes). Strokes don’t translate well to Cricut directly, but you can use them to make designs as long as you first Outline them before importing into Cricut Design Space.

Hi and thank you for the reply. Yes, single edge path basically. No fil whatsoever. The idea is to be able to import into cricut so I can use it to draw (not cut). If you try to draw with a regular font it is perceived as double lined with blank fill…not very attractive when trying to draw. I hope this helps you understand what I’m trying to describe and I really hope you have a simple way to do this.

I’m sorry but I’m not following what you are describing. Are you able to provide any screenshots or visuals that might help?