Breaking apart paths into their component paths

Hello, newbie here.

I’ve come from the Graphic for IPad world (RIP) to adopt Vectornator as my new go-to tool, but I miss “Disconnect Path,” which took a pathfull of nodes and broke them all apart into individual paths, remaining selected (or grouped) so that new shapes/paths could be created by deleting the mini-paths you didn’t want, then combining what remained back into a new path. This was an extremely useful feature to my workflow and I can’t seem to duplicate it in Vectornator.

Did I just miss it somewhere in the contextual controls, or if not, is it under consideration? This feature saved me a lot of effort.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Yober snd welcome to Vectornator Forum. I’m sorry for the lack but I didn’t understand how work this tool. Can you share a short video about the “ Disconnect Path”. Maybe it is possible to do the same in Vectornator.

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What utility would I used to capture this video on my iPad?

@Yober maybe there is a misunderstanding. What is “The Disconnect Path”? Is it a feature of other software?

Yes, Graphic for iPad, which is now discontinued. The top object was created using a Boolean operation. Executing the Disconnect Path command separates out the individual sections. That allows you to move the sections around or recombine them anyway you want. Extremely useful.

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Sorry @Yober I did understand that the name of program war Graphic. Any way maybe you could use the scissor tool. Take a look at Scissor - YouTube or Scissors - Learning Hub.

Not practical for a large number of nodes. It’s a huge time saver for large complicated paths.

I understand and I am sorry but there is not a similar tool at moment. If you want you can create a post in feedback in this way the vectornators can vote this feature and maybe a day the developer will introduce this feature in the app.

That would be awesome, thanks. I can’t tell you how much time this saves, particularly for auto trace paths.

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