[Request] Unable to load QR codes (SVG) generated by Adobe Express

I am using QR codes generated by Adobe Express (SVG) and am encountering issues with their loading. I save the QR codes generated at
in SVG format for use. However, when I open the SVG in Curve, the QR code does not display.
MacBook Pro M1, 2020
Mem:16 GB
svg File sample in box

Hey @QuickTimer , I’m on it – I’ll chat with our team and see what’s up with your file. The details you shared are super helpful for us to start figuring things out. I’ll let you know when I have further details.

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Hey @QuickTimer, quick update for you. We’ve taken a look at your file and it seems there’s a CSS property in there that we don’t currently support. Because of this, we’ve raised a ticket for a fix on our end. I will keep you in the loop as we work through it. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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I appreciate your consideration of my suggestion. After all, Adobe is the standard, so I would be delighted to receive support.
Thank you.

Hey @QuickTimer , good news—the issue has been addressed in our latest update. Please make sure to updat Linearity Curve application to the newest version.

If you still face any issues or if there’s anything else you need help with, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for your patience and for using Linearity!