Real time collaboration using iCloud

Its all in the title. A couple days ago I introduced one of my friends to Vectornator And they love it. They use it almost everyday now, and are inviting more friends to join the platform. He has also been talking to me about it nearly everyday, and wants to do some projects, But Their is no way to collaborate on it. I know that it will be hard, and annoying, but iCloud collaboration would really help out investing new users.

It would be a really nice feature. I hope we can use it in the future.

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It’s been on the milestones page on the website for a couple of years (it seems to have been removed somewhat recently), and was also mentioned in the EQT funding blog post.


Ok, Good to know!

Thank you all! It’s amazing to have you in our Vectornator community and to learn more about your ideas and input! We’re pleased that you join us on our mission and love to grow with you together! :purple_heart: