Problem with zoom in the timeline (Linearity Move Ipad)

As you can see, I have some problems with zoom in the timeline.
Do you think that the problem come from my device ?

Hi @Anthony89 , currently, Linearity Move supports only horizontal zooming. This means you can expand the timeline horizontally to view time increments (like seconds) more granularly. However, vertical zooming, which would allow you to expand or collapse layers within the timeline, is not available yet.

Thanks for flagging this! We’ll consider adding this in the future.

How do you generally zoom into the timeline on the Mac App? I cant figure this out somehow?

Hey @Vidam zooming in and out on the timeline in the Mac App is super easy. Just use ⌘+ to zoom in and ⌘- to zoom out (remember to select an object or animation on a timeline as zoom is context-dependent).

If you’re looking for more shortcuts, check out this list: Linearity Move Shortcuts. It’s got all the combinations you’ll need to make your workflow even smoother.

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