PNG Export needs a ppi resolution setting

Curve needs to have a setting for ppi when exporting PNG file format like Adobe Illustrator. Currently, in Curve 5.2.3, there is no such resolution setting on export and the default is 72 ppi. Companies often request 300 ppi art files, which Curve can’t do so I’m forced to use Illustrator.

Hey @drewshep thank you for the suggestion. This is indeed on our roadmap and we are hoping to allocate more resource on this improvement in the near future.

Thank you so much for your feedback and patience!


Hello drewshep, can you please tell me what size of the artboard you currently have?

The artboard is 5000x5000 pixels. My client asked for minimum 4200x4800 300 ppi PNG file for their project.

I see. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment because the maximum export size is limited to 8192x8192 px. But you can export to SVG or PDF - if you’re going to use the file for printing.

why is it not possible to export 5000 x 5000 with this maximum size? ppi/dpi are only important for the display size on the screen/paper, but the file itself contains the same amount of data.

The limitation on exporting to 8192x8192 is primarily due to the memory constraints present on iOS devices. These devices have specific limitations on the amount of memory available for processing and handling large files or images. As a result, to ensure optimal performance and stability, we’ve set this limit on export size.

where do you stay at math lesson? you team member said 8192x8192 is possible, user want to store 5000x5000 which is less, don’t reach the limit of 8192x8192! :thinking:

This is because PPI is a variable and multiplier. So 5000x5000 pi image has different size when exported for 72 / 150 or 300 PPI. You need to multiply 5000 by 72 / 150 / 300, etc.