How to export as .PNG at 300dpi. PLEASE HELP!

Trying to export my work for t-shirt printing.
Printer requires png or jpg. I must use png as need transparency.
Artboard is 5000 x 5000
When exporting as png image is only 72dpi. Cannot find info anywhere!

Please help.


(Using new iPad Pro with current version of Vectornator)

Hi there,

It is not possible to alter DPI within Vectornator, however, while exporting to PNG, it is possible to adjust the image Resolution. You can do this from within the export dialogue box. Provided that the content within your file is all vector-based, it should scale with no issues!


Hi Helen,
Thanks for the reply.
Can you please elaborate? How can I get my images exported in the correct size and acceptable resolution? The print standard is 300dpi. I just sent away for samples thinking my files were 300dpi and the prints came back pixelated and printer told me it’s because files not high enough.

Is the export at higher dpi an option that will be developed?

Pulling my hair out over here. I thought that working with vectors would mean my files would always be great quality so I’ve spent weeks learning Vectornator…


Hi there @rnt,

So sorry to hear about this frustrating incident.

Would you mind confirming whether all elements of the file were vectors or were there any raster components? And are there any other requirements regarding dimensions for the job (besides being 300dpi)? Perhaps if you could forward the file itself that would be helpful.


Thanks for the reply @Helen! I’ll be the first to admit I’m a newbie so it’s all a lot to wrap my head around!

I have some files that are purely vectors created in Vectornator and other projects with a .png element in the file. Those items are imported from Procreate (300 dpi) and scaled down slightly in Vectornator to fit the design.

The print area required is generally 12" x 16". I am working with 5000 x 5000 pixel Canvas/artboards in Procreate and Vectornator. (I just went big because at the time I didn’t know the print requirement). Procreate is set to 300dpi.

How do I share the file with you? Would you like the .png or another format?

Thank you so much for your help.

We would suggest either making the Procreate document larger than the Vectornator one (or the Vectornator one smaller), by about a 2:1 ratio or set Procreate to 600dpi. And avoid any scaling up of images in Vectornator.

Can you give this a try an let me know if it improves matters?